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Memorial Programs


Commemorations and Tributes

The Freeport Park District provides meaningful ways to commemorate life’s significant milestones, including births, anniversaries, retirements, organizations, or the loss of a loved one. Elevate these moments by gifting a park bench or a tree in the park of your preference through the assistance of the Freeport Parks Foundation. Each thoughtful donation includes an inscribed plaque, and a portion of the contribution is dedicated to fostering the growth of more trees, benches, and amenities for the future.

While our dedicated staff strives to accommodate donor location preferences, certain sites may be unsuitable due to ongoing development, space constraints, or density saturation. We are happy to recommend alternative placement sites where these amenities can contribute most effectively to enhancing the natural beauty of the entire park system.

Memorial Trees – $500

Choosing to plant a tree serves as a way to honor someone special or celebrate a significant occasion. Enhance this gesture by placing a personalized plaque at the base of the tree, offering a thoughtful inscription that conveys the essence of the tribute. We will plant memorial trees with a plaque of your choice, ensuring that these trees become enduring reminders of cherished individuals and moments in your life.

While tree requests are welcomed year-round, installations are scheduled biannually during the Spring and Fall seasons.

Our commitment is to maintain these trees for their entire lifespan, but longevity of plants varies by species, environmental conditions and change. To preserve the natural beauty of the park and ensure enjoyment for all patrons, we kindly ask donors refrain from decorating memorials.

Memorial Benches – $2,000

Benches serve as a wonderful enhancement to our parks, and a memorial bench offers a lasting tribute to your loved one while creating a serene spot for park visitors to relax and appreciate the surroundings.

Honor a person, milestone or organization by placing a memorial bench in a favorite park.

Each bench is carefully installed on a sturdy concrete pad, accompanied by your personalized inscription. This inscription serves as a meaningful touch, providing visitors with a clear understanding of the heartfelt tribute being made.


For more information about memorial opportunities, please contact the Freeport Park District at 815-235-6114, or download the following forms. Forms must be returned to the Freeport Park District with payment to the Freeport Parks Foundation.

Memorial Tree Agreement Form

Memorial Bench Agreement Form