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Memorial Programs



Managing Memorial Commemorations

The Freeport Park District offers many ways to recognize life’s many occasions…births, anniversaries, retirement, the loss of a loved one…the list is endless. The Freeport Parks Foundation can assist you with honoring these moments with the gift of a park bench or tree for placement in a park or facility. An inscribed plaque accompanies each gift and a portion of each donation is set aside to provide even more trees, benches and more amenities in the future.

While staff attempts to honor the donor’s location request, some sites are not appropriate for placement due to development activity, space considerations or density saturation. Staff is happy to recommend sites where these amenities are most needed to enhance the natural beauty of the entire park system.

Memorial Trees- $500

Trees benefit people, wildlife and the environment. They clean the air we breathe, absorb contaminants out of water, slow rain water runoff, shade houses lowering electric demand, increase home value and absorb sounds making our streets quieter.

Gifts of $500 or more will be recognized with the planting of a tree. Trees may be requested at any time. However, installation takes place twice annually, the Spring and Fall.

Since trees are living organisms the Park District guarantees trees for a period of seven years.
So that other park patrons may enjoy the park’s natural beauty, decorating trees is prohibited.

The intent of the Park District is to maintain these trees for their entire life span, but longevity of plants varies by species, environmental conditions and change. While we try to adhere to a long range plan, organizations like the Freeport Park District continually adjust to changes in society and the needs and wishes of our constituents.

Memorial Benches – $2,000

For a gift of $2,000 the Freeport Park District will assists the donor to find the most suitable location for a durable, attractive 6ft. park bench made of recycled polyethylene slats and cast iron stanchions. These benches are guaranteed for seven years.

For more information about these and other memorial opportunities, please contact the Freeport Park District at 815-235-6114.