Freeport Park District

Facility Rentals

Freeport Park District facilities are very popular for gatherings such as reunions, picnics, weddings and other group functions. Outdoor Shelters and picnic areas are available on a “first come, first served” basis to the general public, unless reserved and paid for through the District’s Facility Rental/Reservation process. Stop by the Administration Center or call us at 815-235-6114. Rental fees must be paid in full at the time of the reservation. Important Facility Rental Reservation policies and regulations are listed below the chart.

Outdoor Shelter/Facilities

Krape Park Shelters Facilities Fee Deposit Seating Capacity Amenities Dimensions (in feet)
Gunkel Shelter $100 200 Electric 30×60
Flagstaff Waterfall Shelter $50 96 Electric 28×62
Flagstaff Playground Shelter $50 112 Electric 36×48
Koenig Shelter $50 64 Electric 24×32
Koenig Amphitheater $150 $100 550 Electric 80×115
Commissioners Garden Gazebo $50 12 14×14

Other Shelters/Facilities

Fee Deposit Seating Capacity Amenities Dimensions (in feet)
Taylor Park Shelter     $50 128 Electric 30×60
Read Park Shelter $50 24 12×25
Oakdale Newell Shelter $50 48 23×23
Oakdale Shelter $100 200 Electric 30×60

Indoor Facilities

Fee Deposit Seating Capacity Amenities Dimensions (in feet)
Krape Community Building $100 $100 80 Restrooms, Electric, Heating 19×58
Read Park Pavilion $150 $100 80 Restrooms, Electric, Heating, AC 24×60
Oakdale Mogle Center $100 $100 24 Restrooms, Electric, AC 16×32

Contact the Park District for availability and rates on ball diamonds and sand volleyball courts, as well as other park areas such as the Civic Gardens.

Additional Fees & Discounts

Surcharge for reservation more than 1 yr. in advance $50
Surcharge for groups of 150 or more requires special event permit $100
Fundraising fee $50
Non-profit group discount (Proof of non-profit status required) 1/2 off regular rate

Facility Rental/Reservation Policies

A $100 deposit is required for all indoor facility rentals and is due at the time of reservation purchase. The deposit will be refunded when you return the key, if the facility you used has no damage and there is not excessive clean-up required by Park District staff.

Reservations can only be made within each calendar year. A $50 surcharge will be added to your rental fee for all reservations outside the current calendar year up to 1 year in advance.

An additional fee of $100 will be charged to groups of 150 or more utilizing a Park District facility.

Non-profit organizations wishing to conduct fundraisers on Freeport Park District property must apply for a permit at the Park District Office. If the organization is not renting a facility or paying a user fee, the organization shall pay a $50 fee. For further details about these policies, contact the Park District Office, (815) 235-6114.

Facility Rental Cancellation Policy

If your group must cancel a reservation, the following policy is in effect:

Less than 4 weeks notice…………No refund
4-5 weeks notice……………………25% refund
6-7 weeks notice……………………50% refund
8 weeks notice………………………75% refund

Park Usage Rules

The Park District rules, regulations, ordinances, which govern public usage of Park property and facilities, are available at the Park District OFfice. A summary of the main rules are:

  • All parks where rental facilities are located open at dawn and close at 10:30pm. All other parks close at dusk. (C)
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists always have the right of way over motor vehicles. (B)
  • Park patrons may feed the white domesticated ducks in Krape Park. Feeding wild ducks and geese or any other wild animal is prohibited. (D)
  • Under no circumstances are temporary signs, balloons or any other items to be pinned, stapled or otherwise attached or placed on any tree, park sign or along the roadway. This action will be considered littering. (C)
  • Motor vehicles are restricted to roadways, parking lots or designated parking areas only. Vehicles are not permitted on lawns, park walk ways or trails at any time. This prohibition includes loading and unloading purposes. (B)
  • Fires are allowed only in designated metal fire places that are provided by the district. Use of all privately owned grills (gas or charcoal) is not permitted without prior approval from the District. Use of gas grills will require a certificate of insurance from your homeowner insurance carrier naming the Park District as additionally insured. (A)
  • Tents, nets or canopy structures are not permitted without prior approval of the administrative office. (B)
  • Picnics and events utilizing third party suppliers (tent rental, caterers, etc.) must be approved by the Park District in advance and may require the purchase of a liability insurance policy naming the Park District  as additionally insured for the duration of the event including setup and breakdown dates. The use of all third-party suppliers require at least 30 days advance notice to the event.
  • The use of amplified sound (public address systems, radios, boom box, musical instruments) is prohibited unless authorized in writing by the Director. Groups seeking authorization should consider use of the Koenig Theater, the adjacent shelter or the facilities at Oakdale. (B)
  • The use of profane, abusive or loud, boisterous language or conducting oneself in a disorderly manner is prohibited. (A)
  • Activities that damage or disturb any natural or man-mad feature are prohibited. (A)
  • Possession or consumption of alcohol and/or illegal drugs is prohibited. (A)
  • The discharge or possession of firearms, fireworks or explosives is prohibited. (A)
  • Wading or swimming in all district creeks and ponds is prohibited. (D)
  • Minors under 10 years of age shall at all times be under the direct supervision and control of a parent, guardian or responsible adult custodian. The applicant/user is responsible for monitoring the conduct of their guests or invitees. (D)
  • All dogs and pets must be on a leash, no longer than 10 feet, at all times. Hitching or tying an animal to a tree, bush or shrub is prohibited. The owner is responsible for the conduct of the animal and shall carry equipment for removing feces and shall place feces deposited by the dog or pet in an appropriate receptacle. Continuously barking dogs an/or animals displaying aggressive behavior will not be permitted in the park. (D)
  • All waste and trash must be deposited in garbage receptacles.